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Introduction to Meditation Course (6 weeks)

Next course:  Saturdays 2pm - 3pm

8 July - 12 August

Teacher: Susie Garden

$110 for 6 weekly classes

Please book your place here


As a species we've learnt to walk around being totally absorbed in, and identified with, the constantly changing thoughts and opinions swirling through our being, and forgotten the most important part that makes it all make sense!! When we're identified with our thoughts and emotions, we've lost our connection with the perfect, silent ground of awareness that our whole experience is arising from, which is our actual Beingness - our Being-Here-Ness! 

It's possible to experience all the changing landscapes of our inner world, FULLY, but WITHOUT getting lost in them, by identifying them as what we are. It's possible to let both the gentle sunshine of the good days, AND the powerful inner stormy days come, to feel them fully, and to simply watch them as they pass - this is the equanimity that comes through Meditation. 

This day-to-day, moment-to-moment practice lands us right back HERE, in our moment, drinking in Life in all it's incredible, messy, very enchanted wonder! But we need to rest in the center. Over and over again, we need to return home, to notice what's here. And it gets much, much easier, and much more delicious, with time. It's very much already here, we just need to notice. :)

But... Knowing where to start to make the journey to remembering can be just as confusing as the barrage as thoughts! There are so many people on their own journeys telling us they know our way. 

We know 100% that YOU know your way. You just might not believe it yet. :) So this course is an offering of several different Meditation techniques, explored inwardly as a group, in our soul-nourishing garden haven at Santosha in Paddington. They are shared with you in gentleness, and with great respect for you, by our highly experienced Meditation teacher, Susie Garden.

It is a course designed for those COMPLETELY NEW to Meditation.

It is a 6 week course to introduce you to the practice. We explore simple, yet potent, approaches to the practice - so that you can do a small amount each day, and feel for yourself the noticeable shifts in your personal perceptions and experiences, as you go about life. 

You will be introduced to the techniques and experience of several styles and aspects of meditation:

We explore fundamentals, like using props to find a comfortable seat, as well as looking at aspects such as sankalpa (intention), and practicing dedications.

You will also understand some of the basic scientific underpinnings of meditation - how and why it works in the brain - and it's incredible!

Facilitated by: Susie Garden


Susie is a qualified, experienced and passionate meditation teacher, and really enjoys introducing this life-changing practice to those interested to taste it.

How to Book:

Please book your place here - please book early, as these courses often book out.

You can email ally@santoshayoga.com.au or call 0416 564 808 if you have any questions. 

Course cost is $110 for the 6 weekly classes.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for course attendance.

If you'd prefer not to book online, you can pay cash or eftpos at the studio ahead of time & ask the teacher there to book you in to the course.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Introduction to Yoga Course (6 weeks)

Next course:  Sundays 10am - 11.15am

16 July - 20 August

Teacher: Wendy Reid

$110 for 6 weekly classes

Please book your place here.


This is a 6 week course with Wendy to begin your exploration of Yoga in our tranquil, soul-nourishing garden haven of Paddington. 

This course is designed for those coming to Yoga for the first time - and yep, we've all been new at some stage! 

We look at central aspects of alignment, the basic Yoga postures, and some of the core, less tangible aspects of the practice - including the joy of it!!

Wendy's renowned not just for her capacity to meet and assist you exactly where you are - injuries, tightness and all, but also for her humour and lightness of heart - she has a wonderful ability to get you feeling and learning and moving with a grin :)

Designed for those with no Yoga experience (or only a very tiny amount!), this course will allow you to access a greater sense of understanding and ease as you join in casual classes. 

Class numbers are capped to 12 students, to allow the space for individual attention, and to ask any questions that might arise.

How to Book:

Please book your place here - please book early, as these courses often book out.

You can email ally@santoshayoga.com.au or call 0416 564 808 if you have any questions. 

Course cost is $110 for the 6 weekly classes.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for course attendance.

If you'd prefer not to book online, you can pay cash or eftpos at the studio ahead of time & ask the teacher there to book you in to the course.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Deep Relax

Sundays 4.30-6.30pm - Now each Sunday of the month!

~ Candlelit restorative yoga, gentle yin yoga & yoga nidra (guided conscious sleep).

Teachers: Zen Spokes / Ally Goodwin 

(Zen: 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of the month.  Ally: 2nd & 4th Sundays)

$25 /$18 concession; Deep Relax 10 Class Pass: $220

Please book your place here.


We all need to rest. Oh, how we all need to rest :) Sunday afternoons at Santosha have long been a time of beloved sweet surrender. Lay your troubles by the salt lamps & let the candlelight & your own beautiful stillness release your cells & let your heart feel again. 

Slow, supported and still.

These 2 hour classes are mostly Restorative Yoga, which involves lots of props and 'undoing', as we rest in supported poses from 2 -15 minutes - letting the nervous system deeply relax. This is a deeply nourishing practice. Gentle Yin poses (long-held deep stretch postures working with the connective tissues in the body) are sometimes also incorporated, & the practice ends with a Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a 10-30 minute guided conscious rest, ending with a period of silent stillness. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is proven to give the body mind the same effect as 4 hours deep sleep. Zen often also offers a heartfelt didgeridoo sound healing in his restoratives - a nourishing gift for your cells to drink in :)

Healing and nurturing, these sessions are capped at 12 people to allow for personal attention, and the energetic space for you to deeply relax. Please see Class Descriptions on the Classes page for more information. Contact Ally if you have any questions.

How to Book:

Bookings are vital - you can book here, or use the links below to purchase particular passes (please note a Deep Relax pass must be purchased before you book). 

2 hour session: $25 / $18 concession - pensioners & students. 

General Santosha class passes not valid for Deep Relax, but we offer two special discounted passes: 

- A Deep Relax 10 Class Pass for $220 (saves $30).

- Single Deep Relax class for only $20, for students who hold current 6 or 12 month unlimited passes at Santosha.

(To purchase a Santosha 6 month pass, you can go here; to purchase a 12 month pass, head here.)

If you have any questions, please email ally@santoshayoga.com.au or phone/text 0416 564 808.

We love sharing these deeply nourishing practices with you - look forward to seeing you :)

Women's Circle - Gather the women, heal the earth.

Next circle:  Saturday 8th July

4pm - 7pm

Facilitator: Juliette McConachy

$30 + Booking fee

Please book your place here.


Gathering together to relax into our selves, to share our stories and to hear our thoughts and feelings echoed in the stories of other women is soothing balm to the psyche and the soul.

These gatherings combine juicy practices of self care, self inquiry, embodiment of your luscious feminine form, the opportunity to be heard, held and to grow and evolve outdated ways of being, so we can all embody MORE of who we NATURALLY are! Leading us into the arms of total freedom! (YES!) A place from which we can serve the world with great UNBOUND love!

We take a dive into the taboo topic of pleasure and in a safe non-judgmental space, we explore where we are at in ourselves with being able to experience pleasure, what's working, what's not working, what gets in the way, how we would wish to be as fully alive, awake, pleasure-receiving and giving, sexual, sensual beings. It's not an easy topic to open into, but worth it. 

Much of what we are fed about our sexuality is oppressive and straight-up ridiculous. There's a tonne of mental illness because of body image pressure, there's a lot of unsatisfied women and men out there who are denying their bodies love, because they have been taught they're shameful/gross/wrong/ugly/too this or too that/sinful etc, there's a lot of crap masking one of the most beautiful and normal/natural/life-creating gifts we have. A whole lot of us don't even know what's what in our own body. 

NOTHING can dull the sensuality you are! You are life in constant pulsation, creating endlessly this form you call you, it is a stunning phenomenal thing. These gatherings are a chance to reclaim that natural untouchable beauty we all have and celebrate ourselves. To start a revolution of respect for ourselves, for life!

I hope you'll join us X

Facilitated by: Juliette McConachy


Juliette is one of our beloved teachers at Santosha. 

You can read more about her on the About page here.

How to Book:

Please book your space here.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for event attendance.

Contact Juliette with any questions:

juliette.mcconachy@gmail.com     /     https://www.facebook.com/bemoveddaily/

Look forward to circling with you.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga: 

10 week program for women  


10 week program for men

10th August - 12th October

Men: 3pm - 4pm

Women: 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Facilitator: Edwina Kempe

$200 ($180 concession).  Payment plans available

Please book your space by contacting Eddie: 

edwinakempe@gmail.com / 0468 746 121


Facilitated by TCTSY Facilitator & Social Worker, Edwina Kempe, this program is an empirically validated adjunctive treatment for women experiencing PTSD or complex trauma who are engaged in treatment or therapy. 

Spaces are limited to offer the practice in a small group.

No previous yoga experience necessary. 

We'd love to invite you to come hear what the course is about:
Free, obligation-free, information sessions with Edwina:

Thursday 20th July -
Women's course Info Session: 4.30-5.30pm
Men's course Info Session: 3-4pm

Facilitated by: Edwina Kempe


Eddie's nurturing classes and gentle way have always been popular at Santosha, we can't recommend her highly enough. A wonderful space to begin to re-inhabit the body and allow deep healing to occur.

How to Book:

Please register for courses &/or Info sessions by contacting Eddie:

edwinakempe@gmail.com   /   0468 746 121

More information:

www.tctsyaustralia.com   /   www.edwinakempe.com

Investment:  $200 ($180 concession). Payment plans available.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for course attendance.

Breath of Bliss

Next session:  Sunday 23rd July

12.15pm - 2.30pm

Facilitator: Kat Barker

$45 ($35 early bird until 11th July)

Please book your place by contacting katjbarker@gmail.com or 0405 457 419


What is the "Breath of Bliss"?

Breath of Bliss™ is a breathwork practice that infuses you with aliveness, sensation, emotion and presence. This experience begins with movement, deep sharing, touch, and conscious loving exercises and deepens as we lie down for an hour of circular breathing. The journey is sensitively led with vocal guidance, empowering affirmations, music and sound healing. The result? Powerful, mind-altering experiences of heart-opening, connection and awareness!

What Can I Expect?

Breath of Bliss is a journey beyond the individual personality of the "little me" into the vast, eternal "I" that connects all people, places and things. Feel your body tingling as life force surges with every breath! Creative ideas may flood in at quantum speed. Some have visions, mystical experiences and connection with the Divine. Others revisit birth or childhood experiences that have been buried. Intense self awareness occurs ~ limiting beliefs which are normally unconscious become clear. People often experience a flood of emotions and physical sensations. Sometimes there are healing tears, laughter or sexual feelings. From anger to ecstasy, you are encouraged to embrace it all! The illusory walls of separation melt away as you connect with the divine causes of everything you have experienced. Many participants have a direct experience awakening, a sense of a their purpose and eternal connection to everything and everyone across space and time. Attendees often leave feeling euphoric, peaceful, full of wonder and gratitude.

What Makes Breath of Bliss Different?

Breath of Bliss has created a pivotal paradigm shift in the world of breathwork! This innovative program draws on the work of Science of Mind, Tantra, and vast array of conscious loving life coaching exercises which amplify your sense of wholeness. Through inquiry, participants develop self-awareness and radical self-responsibility~ moving beyond victimhood, trauma, and drama towards a total awareness and the bliss that is aroused from allowing everything to be exactly as it is. In this place we remember that we are connected, resourceful and whole, and that there is nothing broken that needs to be fixed or healed. Healing is a revelation of the fundamental harmony within.

Why is it Called "A Journey"?

Breath of Bliss is a journey! We create a sacred space of of beauty, designed to massage open your senses, making you more available to experience whatever form of realization is needed. Exercises quicken your consciousness so you can more easily feel all your feelings, generate wonder, speak consciously from your heart, generate appreciations and live in discovery. The progression of the experience, words used, sharings and music are all carefully chosen to arouse your awareness of being Love. You can arrive with "nothing to work on" and have extremely profound, life-changing insights! Breath of Bliss is a catalyst to transform and uplevel everything which no longer serves you and provide you with clarity about who you really are.

Facilitated by: Kat Barker


Kat is a certified and passionate Breath of Bliss facilitator, and strong, gentle spirit - we highly recommend journeying with her :)

What to bring:  An open mind and heart. It is highly advised to eat before you arrive. Yoga mats and blankets provided.

How to Book:

Please book your place by contacting Kat:

katjbarker@gmail.com   /    0405 457 419   /     www.facebook.com/KatsStillBreathing/

Contribution:  $45 ($35 early bird till July 11th). Bank deposit to book - details upon contact.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for event attendance.

Please feel free to get in touch any of the above ways if you have any questions. 

We look forward to welcoming you!

The MAMA Circle

Monthly circles - First circle:  Sunday 6th August

1pm - 3pm

Facilitator: Caitlin Dyer


Please book your place by emailing caitlin@motherdownunder.com


Birth isn’t just about new babies, it is about new mothers too!

And the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth.

We tend to focus so much on the birth and on the baby, that we forget about the mother.

But nurturing you, first as a pregnant woman and then as a new mother, is crucial to the wellbeing of your family.

Do you worry about how you will cope as a new mother? Are you feeling uneasy about life with a newborn? Anxious about lack of sleep? Perhaps you have emerged from the haze that is life with a newborn only to feel like you have lost a bit of yourself in early motherhood. And now, in amongst endless nappies and laundry, you are trying to find yourself. You feel ready to release the self-doubt, the judgement, the guilt, and ready to embrace self-compassion. But you aren't quite sure how to do that. Join us at The MAMA Circle. Connect with others in a welcoming, supporting, confidential space. Share your stories, your challenges, your triumphs.

The format of the monthly circles may vary but the intention is always to allow women to connect and share in a meaningful way. We will talk about pregnancy, birth, identity, relationships with ourselves, relationships with our partners, relationships with our friends, returning to work, staying home, nurturing your body, sex, deciding whether to add to your family. You will walk away from the circle feeling connected, emotionally lighter, and empowered by the collective energy of the group.

Depending on the energy and needs of the group, The MAMA Circle will involve different activities.

Held on the first Sunday of every month from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Contribution: $30.

Recommended for mothers of babies of all ages (including pregnant mamas), but we prefer to keep it mamas only, so please make arrangements for your little one to bond with a loved one.

If you are breastfeeding or simply prefer your baby to be close, there is a lovely cafe upstairs and a beautiful garden next to the studio that your loved one and baby are welcome to visit.

Facilited by: Caitlin Dyer


Caitlin is a hypnobirthing practitioner, a postpartum doula, and a passionate and supportive life coach for mothers. She aims to help pregnant women start their mothering journey in a positive manner, to help new mothers navigate those first crucial weeks, and to help mothers who are seeking to rediscover themselves. With degrees in Psychology, Nursing, Education, a certificate in Childbirth Education, a certificate in Postpartum Professional Services, and with unwavering enthusiasm and heart, Caitlin guides mothers who are looking first for a beautiful birth and then for balance. Caitlin believes that mothers are not simply mothers.  That when you give birth, you give birth to a baby and to a new you. And that with self-compassion, support, and community the new you can flourish.

How to Book:

To book, please email caitlin@motherdownunder.com

Contribution: $30.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for event attendance.

For more information or any questions :

caitlin@motherdownunder.com   /   motherdownunder.com/mama-circle-join-womens-circle/

Look forward to circling with you :)

Community Satsang (sacred gathering)

Thursdays 1-3pm - next session TBA - please email zenspokes@gmail.com with enquiries.

Facilitator: Zen Spokes

$5 & some food or non-alcoholic drinks to share if you can.

All students, including teachers, welcome. No bookings needed.


'Satsang' means sacred gathering.

Yoga asana is an inward, quiet practice, so it's nice to have a space we can connect in conversation with each other about our explorations of mind, body, heart & consciousness.

There will be chai and space for open, free conversation/discussion. Zen will be facilitating the Satsang with an opening meditation and introductions, followed by open questioning and conversation.

This is a relaxed, friendly community space for us to connect, explore and learn with and from each other. The discussions and conversations will be based around unfolding and understanding - physically, mentally and spiritually.  No bookings required. If you have questions, please contact Zen at zenspokes@gmail.com.

Thankyou to seanjohnsonandthewildlotusband.com for the beautiful picture!

Community Pages

Kate is a senior Yoga teacher well-known and loved around Australia for her wisdom, humour, authenticity and groundedness, as well of course, for her depth of understanding, and her ability to create the space and experience for her students to explore their own innate understandings of Yoga and Life. She runs a Teacher Training with Dan Alder, and trained all of us! She's renowned Australia-wide for good reason :) Our gratitude to her is immense.


Dan Alder's studio in West End. If you would like to challenge yourself holistically in a supportive environment, Dan's your man! Dan has been one of Ally's Brisbane teachers for the past five years. I'm extremely grateful to Dan for his wisdom and support over the years, for his trust in my teaching, and his generosity of heart helping Santosha to unfold with ease. Kay Ashwood, who has taken several of the Intro to Yoga courses at Santosha, also teaches at The Yoga Den. I appreciate Kay as one of my very valued current teachers, and highly recommend her classes. Please note - Dan is heading to Stanthorpe and will be offering Yoga in the quiet out there. The Yoga Den West End will be closing in July - get in while you can :)


Jamie Denham is a valuable resource in Brisbane! Iyengar classes give a depth of understanding about the way the physical body is functioning in given asana (poses), and this of course feeds into the energetics of the pose. Jamie Denham is a passionate, humble teacher with an amazing depth of knowledge - we highly recommend him!


Kate Bardzo recently turned Sattva Yoga in Samford into Zen Space - this is Wendy's other Yoga home. It's a beautiful space in garden surroundings, with quality, heartfelt yoga. Combined with a swim at Cedar Creek = a beautiful day!


Debby was involved with Santosha since its inception, and now runs Corporate Yoga Australia, providing your workplace with professional, accessible and enjoyable yoga for employees - helping to assist your organisation to be a group of calmer, more productive, and happier individuals. You can get in touch with her about Yoga at your workplace via the website.


The governing body for yoga in Australia. There is much value to be experienced in looking for a teacher who is certified with Yoga Australia. Their standards are much more rigorous than both the international body, IYTA and the American body, Yoga Alliance. The website allows you to search for teachers near you.


Pema Chodron

Aah, Pema :) Pema Chodron is a grounded, light-hearted Buddhist nun with a great earthy way of guiding us in our human meanderings - especially the sticky bits!


Mooji is a light-hearted but direct teacher of Advaita/non-dualism. His Jamaican-British accent & belly laugh make self-enquiry in satsang a pleasure. His teachings point us back continually to the central, powerful question of, Who is here that is watching? Mooji is a student of the late Papaji. Ally sat with him for 2 months in India, and found (and continues to find) following his simple pointings inward to be beautifully clear, & refreshingly free of 'fluff'. Highly recommend!


Dhamma Rasmi is a beautiful centre in the Sunshine Coast hinterland offering 10 day silent retreats in Vipassana Meditation. This is a wonderful, of course at times challenging, experience. 10 full days committed sitting practice in a silent, inward-focused environment, allows for a deepening of the ability to let attention and experience begin to come together. This is a vital aspect of the practice of Yoga and Meditation, that lets the mind begin to open to the boundless beauty and intelligence of the Heart & of Life. You won't regret it :) Feel free to chat with Ally or Ellen if you're considering it and have wonderings.


Javier and Paula and their beautiful family offer courses in natural building (in collaboration with the Akapacha Multiversity community in Argentina, who come to Australia to share their incredible experience and knowledge of not just natural building, but effective paradigm-shifting social economy). Pura Vida also offer ecologically effective, edible landscaping design and maintenance services. In addition, you can chat with them about hosting a natural building course if you'd like an earth-built (eg cob, straw bale etc) structure on your property, and you have space for up to 40 people to camp and learn and build and journey together. These are incredible, heart-expansive experiences, which you would of course be free to be a part if you choose to. Ally can't recommend jumping into this 9 day journey enough, feel free to chat with her if you'd like to know more - or check out PuraVida Sus on facebook. These are the ideas and techniques we will be building the Santosha Earth community and retreat space with over the next ten years - we look forward to sharing it with you as it unfolds.