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Part 2! Meditation Course 

For those with some experience 

- Fall in Love.

6 week course

Thursdays 9 November - 14 December

8pm - 9pm

Teacher: Juliette McConachy

$110 for 6 weekly classes

Please book your place here


Meditation Part 2

(For those with some meditation experience. Intro to meditation not a prerequisite.)

Fall in love with meditation.  

Meditation is not a chore nor necessarily a concentration - it is an expansion into the sheer delight that you are.

There are as many entry points into the practice of meditation as there are beings upon this earth. 

In this 6 week program we explore various technologies for entering states of meditation, and tools for living that invite the bliss of our meditative states to cascade into our daily lives. 

This course will empower you to be so totally in love with meditation that you will hardly be able to help from dropping into expansive states of meditative awe, spontaneously and at will.

This course is for you if:

You haven't meditated a whole bunch, but you're eager to dive straight in

You want to be re-inspired by your current practice

You want to commit to practising, but need a cheer squad

You have questions coming up in your practice that need answering

You want to try new ways of connecting to Source.

You want to meditate with a collective of like minded souls, and tap into the depth available when we sink into that space together.

Some of the benefits of meditation:

Reduce stress chemicals in the body

Boost happy chemicals

Soothe the nervous system

Harmonise hormones 

Nourish tissue health

Improve concentration

Improve sleep

Heal relationships 

Increase emotional intelligence 

Elevate consciousness

With a practice like this in your life you may very likely feel: 

Less stressed

Less tired

Less fearful

Less overwhelmed

Less stuck

Less self conscious

More grounded

More open 

More available to spontaneity

More joyful

More present 

More empowered

More loving

More alive in your whole being 

Facilitated by: Juliette McConachy


About Juliette: You can read more about Juliette here.

How to Book: 

Please book your place here - please book early, as these courses often book out.

You can email juliette.mcconachy@gmail.com if you have any questions. 

Course cost is $110 for the 6 weekly classes.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for course attendance.

Make-up Policy: You may make-up up to one class per course in a following Intro to Meditation or Part 2 series. Please be aware that these series will most likely run at a different time, so please ensure you can make each class in the series, or are happy to miss the class if need be, before booking in. 

If you'd prefer not to book online, you can pay cash or eftpos at the studio ahead of time & ask the teacher there to book you in to the course.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Gratitude to Michael O'Snyder for the beautiful picture (more @ https://www.boredpanda.com/surreal-photos-that-blend-the-human-body-with-plant-forms/)

Qi Gong in the Garden

Sundays 10am - 11am

17th September, & every Sunday after that.

Teacher: Callum Bell

Regular class passes all valid - see Classes page for price options.

No bookings required, but you can book your place here to be sure.


Barefoot in a circle - feet to earth. 

Softly glowing Sunday mornings in Spring :)

Join Callum for the gentle subtleties of this beautiful complementary practice in the Santosha garden.

Qi Gong is all about softness and awareness. ‘Less is more’ has never been more applicable. Mixed in with the more traditional Qi Gong forms, is plenty of sitting, standing and moving meditation; body awareness and alignment; partner exercises; gentle flexibility and strength movements; and, of course, a healthy dose of fun.

Qi Gong is perfect for people of all physical capabilities, and is a wonderful complementary practice for injury and illness recovery.

Everyone is welcome.  

Teacher: Callum Bell


You can read more about Callum here

Cost/bookings: Regular class passes are valid for this class - book online as normal (press Book a Class at top of webpage), or just show up & pay casually.


- Please contact Ally with any questions: 0416 564 808 / ally@santoshayoga.com.au

To Book:

No bookings required, but you can book your place here to be sure.

Chai Nights

1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays each month

7pm - 8pm, or 9pm (your choice whether to stay after 8pm)

Facilitator: Zen Spokes


All welcome. No bookings needed.


These Chai Nights are held on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays each month from 7pm til 8pm. Hosted by Zen, who if you come to the studio, you probably know and love.

There will be his own almond milk chai (non-caffienated) served, followed by a sharing circle, and by gentle meditation and Yadaki (didgeridoo) Sound Immersion....... Then from 8pm onwards, open chats if you'd like to stay a little longer. Zen's intention is to create a regular evening of open enquiry into the nature of self, with laughter, thought and sharing. The evening is $15, please come and share your experience, wisdom and joy with us.

Facilitated by:  Zen Spokes 


Zen is there to ensure conversation remains open minded and constructive. This event is open to all, no bookings needed. Zen teaches restorative yoga class (Deep Relax) from 4:30pm till 6:30pm before Chai Nights - if you'd like to come to class, bookings are essential - book your class place Here. Info about class below.

Come to one or both!

Questions?  Contact:  zenspokes@gmail.com

See you there!! 

Please share with friends :)

Deep Relax

Sundays 4.30-6.30pm - 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays each month.

Candlelit Restorative Yoga, gentle Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra (guided conscious sleep).

Teacher: Zen Spokes

$25 /$18 concession; Deep Relax 10 Class Pass: $220

Please book your place here.


We all need to rest. Oh, how we all need to rest :) Sunday afternoons at Santosha have long been a time of beloved sweet surrender. Lay your troubles by the salt lamps & let the candlelight & your own beautiful stillness release your cells & let your heart feel again. 

Slow, supported and still.

These 2 hour classes are mostly Restorative Yoga, which involves lots of props and 'undoing', as we rest in supported poses from 2 -15 minutes - letting the nervous system deeply relax. This is a deeply nourishing practice. Gentle Yin poses (long-held deep stretch postures working with the connective tissues in the body) are sometimes also incorporated, & the practice ends with a Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a 10-30 minute guided conscious rest, ending with a period of silent stillness. 30 minutes of Yoga Nidra is proven to give the body mind the same effect as 4 hours deep sleep. Zen often also offers a heartfelt didgeridoo sound healing in his restoratives - a nourishing gift for your cells to drink in :)

Healing and nurturing, these sessions are capped at 12 people to allow for personal attention, and the energetic space for you to deeply relax. Please see Class Descriptions on the Classes page for more information. Contact Ally if you have any questions.

Facilitated by:


You can read more about Zen here

How to Book:

Bookings are vital - you can book here, or use the links below to purchase particular passes (please note a Deep Relax pass must be purchased before you book). 

2 hour session: $25 / $18 concession - pensioners & students. 

General Santosha class passes not valid for Deep Relax, but we offer two special discounted passes: 

- A Deep Relax 10 Class Pass for $220 (saves $30).

- Single Deep Relax class for only $20, for students who hold current 6 or 12 month unlimited passes at Santosha.

(To purchase a Santosha 6 month pass, you can go here; to purchase a 12 month pass, head here.)

If you have any questions, please email ally@santoshayoga.com.au or phone/text 0416 564 808.

We love sharing these deeply nourishing practices with you - look forward to seeing you :)

Yoga for You 

- Yoga for you with

- Childcare in the garden included :)

Tuesdays 11.30am - 12.30pm  (runs in blocks during school terms)

- Next block (10 weeks): 23 January - 27 March

Care Crew: 

- Yoga Teacher: Jen Mason

- Child Carers: Michelle Ericksen, Sharon Crawford & Veronika Engeman 

Bookings Required. Please book your place here.

Yoga With Childcare - you inside; loved littlies in the garden!

Both you and your little one, as blissed as can be, with the freedom to check on them if you need. That's right - Yoga on, sweet soul :)

A sweet, sacred hour of You time, to melt into blessed communion with your body, breath and Heart. All the while, knowing your little one is absorbed in nature craft, or playing with the others, in the loving care of two to three members of the Santosha community (all with certified bluecard child safety checks). This is a time for you to drink in the sweet nectar of being alone - oh the bliss! - while sharing the experience with other parents enjoying the same thing. And hey, you can even sneak a peek through the glass doors to your little one having a ball in the garden - they'll be in view throughout the class :)  Although we encourage you to take the time for yourself, of course you can nip out for your child, should the important need arise.

Children are welcomed between the ages of five months and five years (inclusive). We provide shade, rugs, crafty things & toys for them to enjoy while you Yoga.  

There are three wonderful child carers at all times (all with experience & bluecards, and all committed members of the Santosha community), caring for a maximum of 18 children.

No partial attendance is possible, however if you can't make one or more classes during the block, you're welcome to make missed classes up in any of our casual classes on the timetable, any time within 12 months of the date of pass purchase. 


10 weeks: $250

Passes include your attendance in all classes of the 10 week block (23 January - 27 March 2018) and care for one child for each of the classes in the block booked.  

Depending on class numbers, it may be possible to arrange care for extra children, at a rate of $10 per extra child per class. Please email ally@santoshayoga.com.au to enquire.

In the event of rain, children will be cared for in quiet activities in Chapter IV cafe upstairs.  If you'd like to enjoy one of their fabulous beverages after class too, even better!

Questions? Please feel free to call Ally on 0416 564 808 for a chat, or email ally@santoshayoga.com.au. 

To Book: Click here.

Save the Dates: 

Kate Pell (our teacher!) 

Brisbane public full weekend workshop

3-5th August 2018. 
ONLY 20 SPACES available - will sell out quickly once bookings open! 

And only $275 ($242 concession) for the full intimate weekend with our incredible teacher, who is loved Australia-wide as one of the country's favourite senior teachers - for a reason (well, many..): So much knowin', so much Heart. - Same same :)

Stay tuned - subscribe to our email newsletter above, keep an eye on our facebook page, or watch for the booking link & more details as they unfold here.

The MAMA Circle

Next circle:  15 October

1pm - 3pm

Facilitator: Caitlin Dyer


Please book your place by emailing caitlin@motherdownunder.com


Birth isn’t just about new babies, it is about new mothers too!

And the birth of a mother can be more intense than childbirth.

We tend to focus so much on the birth and on the baby, that we forget about the mother. 

But nurturing you, first as a pregnant woman and then as a new mother, is crucial to the wellbeing of your family.

Do you worry about how you will cope as a new mother? Are you feeling uneasy about life with a newborn? Anxious about lack of sleep? Perhaps you have emerged from the haze that is life with a newborn only to feel like you have lost a bit of yourself in early motherhood. And now, in amongst endless nappies and laundry, you are trying to find yourself. You feel ready to release the self-doubt, the judgement, the guilt, and ready to embrace self-compassion. But you aren't quite sure how to do that. Join us at The MAMA Circle. Connect with others in a welcoming, supporting, confidential space. Share your stories, your challenges, your triumphs.

The format of the monthly circles may vary but the intention is always to allow women to connect and share in a meaningful way. We will talk about pregnancy, birth, identity, relationships with ourselves, relationships with our partners, relationships with our friends, returning to work, staying home, nurturing your body, sex, deciding whether to add to your family. You will walk away from the circle feeling connected, emotionally lighter, and empowered by the collective energy of the group.

Depending on the energy and needs of the group, The MAMA Circle will involve different activities.

Held on the first Sunday of every month from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Contribution: $30.

Recommended for mothers of babies of all ages (including pregnant mamas), but we prefer to keep it mamas only, so please make arrangements for your little one to bond with a loved one.

If you are breastfeeding or simply prefer your baby to be close, there is a lovely cafe upstairs and a beautiful garden next to the studio that your loved one and baby are welcome to visit.

Facilitated by: Caitlin Dyer


Caitlin is a hypnobirthing practitioner, a postpartum doula, and a passionate and supportive life coach for mothers. She aims to help pregnant women start their mothering journey in a positive manner, to help new mothers navigate those first crucial weeks, and to help mothers who are seeking to rediscover themselves. With degrees in Psychology, Nursing, Education, a certificate in Childbirth Education, a certificate in Postpartum Professional Services, and with unwavering enthusiasm and heart, Caitlin guides mothers who are looking first for a beautiful birth and then for balance. Caitlin believes that mothers are not simply mothers.  That when you give birth, you give birth to a baby and to a new you. And that with self-compassion, support, and community the new you can flourish.

How to Book:

To book, please email caitlin@motherdownunder.com

Contribution: $30.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for event attendance.

For more information or any questions :

caitlin@motherdownunder.com   /   motherdownunder.com/mama-circle-join-womens-circle/

Look forward to circling with you :)

Trauma Sensitive Yoga: 

10 week program for women  


10 week program for men

Current courses underway. Next courses TBA. Please contact Eddie to register your interest.

Facilitator: Edwina Kempe

$200 ($180 concession).  Payment plans available

Please book by contacting Eddie: edwinakempe@gmail.com / 0468 746 121


Facilitated by TCTSY Facilitator & Social Worker, Edwina Kempe, this program is an empirically validated adjunctive treatment for people experiencing PTSD or complex trauma who are engaged in treatment or therapy. 

Spaces are limited to offer the practice in a small group.

No previous yoga experience necessary. 

Facilitated by: Edwina Kempe


Eddie's nurturing classes and gentle way have always been popular at Santosha, we can't recommend her highly enough. A wonderful space to begin to re-inhabit the body and allow deep healing to occur.

How to Book:

Please register by contacting Eddie:

edwinakempe@gmail.com   /   0468 746 121

More information:

www.tctsyaustralia.com   /   www.edwinakempe.com

Investment:  $200 ($180 concession). Payment plans available.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for course attendance.

Community Pages

Kate is a senior Yoga teacher well-known and loved around Australia for her wisdom, humour, authenticity and groundedness, as well of course, for her depth of understanding, and her ability to create the space and experience for her students to explore their own innate understandings of Yoga and Life. She's renowned Australia-wide for good reason :)  Ally, Eddie, Ellen, Jaimee & Wendy all completed our initial Teacher Training with Kate and Dan Alder, and our gratitude to them is immense. 

Save the DatesKate Pell public workshop at Santosha 3-5th August 2018. ONLY 20 SPACES available! And only $275 ($242 concession) for the full weekend. Stay tuned - subscribe to our email newsletter above, keep an eye on our facebook page, or watch for the booking link & more details as they unfold here.

Kate is deeply loved - she is one of Australia's favourite senior teachers, who many of us completed our initial teacher training with. She is renowned for her depth of understanding and joyful wisdom - a very special weekend not to be missed. x

Kate is offering teacher training in Brisbane again in 2018, which Wendy is assisting on, and Dan is guest-teaching on. This is a wonderful, life-enhancing opportunity we encourage anyone who can to dive in for! The training is being held at Zen Space in Samford, a lovely studio. Chat with Wendy or contact Kate for more details.


Jamie Denham is a valuable resource in Brisbane! Iyengar classes give a depth of understanding about the way the physical body is functioning in given asana (poses), and this of course feeds into the energetics of the pose. Jamie Denham is a passionate, humble teacher with an amazing depth of knowledge - we highly recommend him! This is also where Jaimee is currently studying her next 3 year Teacher Training, now in the Iyengar style Jamie teaches.


Kate Bardzo recently turned Sattva Yoga in Samford into Zen Space - this is one of Wendy's other Yoga homes. It's a beautiful space in garden surroundings, with quality, heartfelt yoga. Combined with a swim at Cedar Creek = a beautiful day! Kate also runs Zen-Thai Shiatsu bodywork (massage) trainings - chat with Viv if you'd like to hear about them!


Debby was involved with Santosha at its inception, and now runs Corporate Yoga Australia, providing your workplace with professional, accessible and enjoyable yoga for employees - helping to assist your organisation to be a group of calmer, more productive, and happier individuals. You can get in touch with her about Yoga at your workplace via the website.


The governing body for yoga in Australia. There is much value to be experienced in looking for a teacher who is certified with Yoga Australia. Their standards are much more rigorous than both the international body, IYTA and the American body, Yoga Alliance. The website allows you to search for teachers near you.


Aah, Pema :) Pema Chodron is a grounded, light-hearted Buddhist nun with a great earthy way of guiding us in our human meanderings - especially the sticky bits!


Mooji is a light-hearted but direct teacher of Advaita/non-dualism. His Jamaican-British accent & belly laugh make self-enquiry in satsang a pleasure. His teachings point us back continually to the central, powerful question of, Who is here that is watching? Mooji is a student of the late Papaji. Ally sat with him for 2 months in India, and found (and continues to find) following his simple pointings inward to be beautifully clear, & refreshingly free of 'fluff'. Highly recommend!


Dhamma Rasmi is a beautiful centre in the Sunshine Coast hinterland offering 10 day silent retreats in Vipassana Meditation. This is a wonderful, of course at times challenging, experience. 10 full days committed sitting practice in a silent, inward-focused environment, allows for a deepening of the ability to let attention and experience begin to come together. This is a vital aspect of the practice of Yoga and Meditation, that lets the mind begin to open to the boundless beauty and intelligence of the Heart & of Life. You won't regret it :) Feel free to chat with Ally or Ellen if you're considering it and have wonderings.


Javier and Paula and their beautiful family offer courses in natural building (in collaboration with the Akapacha Multiversity community in Argentina, who come to Australia to share their incredible experience and knowledge of not just natural building, but effective paradigm-shifting social economy). Pura Vida also offer ecologically effective, edible landscaping design and maintenance services. In addition, you can chat with them about hosting a natural building course if you'd like an earth-built (eg cob, straw bale etc) structure on your property, and you have space for up to 40 people to camp and learn and build and journey together. These are incredible, heart-expansive experiences, which you would of course be free to be a part if you choose to. Ally can't recommend jumping into this 9 day journey enough, feel free to chat with her if you'd like to know more - or check out PuraVida Sus on facebook. These are the ideas and techniques we will be building the Santosha Earth community and retreat space with over the next ten years - we look forward to sharing it with you as it unfolds.