(1 September - 30 November)

Santosha is on the lower level @ 180a Latrobe Tce, Paddington Q 4064 - under Chapter IV cafe

Welcome to an incredible new moment!

New classes! 

- Yoga for You with free childcare in the garden : Tuesdays 11am 

(bookings req'd for each block (run with school terms - first block shorter beginning 24 October).

- Qi Gong in the Garden : Sundays 10am

- Over 50s : Wednesdays 9.30am

Details below.

INTRO TO MEDITATION COURSE - 6 weeks (14 spaces only)

25 October - 29 November: Wednesdays 11.30am-12.30pm, with Susie

Bookings essential - Book your place here

INTRO TO YOGA COURSE - 6 weeks (12 spaces only)

2 November - 7 December: Thursdays 5pm - 6pm, with Juliette

Bookings essential - Book your place here

DEEP RELAX: (12 spaces only) 

*  1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays of each month, with Zen

Bookings essential - Book your place here

Please scroll down for class descriptions & prices.

Monday 6am - 7am Slow Stretch - all levels Susie
9.30am - 10.45am Beginners Jaimee
4.45pm - 6pm All Levels Jaimee
6.30pm - 7.45pm Beginners /General Jaimee
Tuesday 6am - 7am Beginners /General Kim
9.30am - 10.45am General Kim
11.30am - 12.30pm Yoga for You (with childcare in the garden). Bookings essential. 1st block starts 24 October - see below. Jen
4.45pm - 6pm Slow stretch (Gentle /Beginners) Zen
6.30pm - 7.45pm Beginners Jaimee
Wednesday 9.30am - 10.45am Over 50s Yoga Caroline
11.30am - 12.30pm Intro to Meditation 6 week course: 25 Oct-29 Nov (bookings essential) Susie
4.45pm - 6pm Beginners Juliette
6.30pm - 7.45pm General Juliette
Thursday 6am - 7am General Juliette
9.30am - 10.45am Beginners /General Jaimee
5pm - 6pm Intro to Yoga 6 week course: 2 Nov - 7 Dec (bookings essential) Juliette
6.30pm - 7.45pm Candlelit Slow Stretch - all levels Juliette
Friday 6am - 7am Flow & Restore - all levels Kim
9.30am - 10.45am Gentle Yoga Nicole
5.30pm - 6.30pm Community Class ($5 - all welcome) Viv
Saturday 7am - 8.15am General Ally -> 14 Oct. Diane 21 Oct ->
9am - 10.30am Beginners Ally -> 14 Oct. Diane 21 Oct ->
Sunday 8am - 9.30am Beginners /General Wendy
10am - 11am Qi Gong in the Garden - all welcome. Class passes valid :) Callum
4.30pm - 6.30pm Deep Relax (2 hour Candlelit session) Bookings essential. 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays each month. Zen.


(All passes can be purchased online by pressing Book a Class in the top right corner; or at the studio before class).

WELCOME PASS ~ For your first week, enjoy a week of unlimited yoga for $25, to try all the classes & teachers.

NEW! Santosha Membership: $35/week (6 month contract, deducted fortnightly) - Includes:

- Unlimited access to all regular classes (everything on timetable except courses, workshops & Deep Relax)

- 20% discount for Deep Relax ($20 from $25)

- Access to special Members community events run at least every 6 months.

- Discounts on some courses & workshops

- The feeling of belonging to an awesome community of like-minded people. 

Casual $18

Concession Casual $14 

10 Class Pass $150 / $130 concession (Valid 3 months)

1 Month Unlimited Pass $160 (Great option if you're coming more than twice a week)

3 Month Unlimited Pass $430 (Save even more per class than a monthly)

6 Month Unlimited Pass $790 (If you come every day ~ $5 a day!) + discounted Deep Relax classes

Annual Unlimited $1450 (If you come every day ~ $4 a day!) + discounted Deep Relax classes

Deep Relax (2 hour sessions 1st, 3rd & Sunday afternoons each month) 

$25 / $18 concession / $20 for 6 & 12 month pass holders (bookings essential - press "Book a Class" above)

Deep Relax 10 Class Pass $220 (Valid 12 months)

Yoga for You (Yoga + childcare) $175 (7 week block 24 Oct - 5 Dec 2017)

Yoga for You (Yoga + childcare) $250 (10 week block 23 Jan - 27 Mar 2018)

Community Class $5 for everyone.

6 Week Courses $110

- (Bookings essential for Deep Relax, all courses & Yoga for You - please press "Book a Class" above). Course details on the Workshops page.

Important Notes


Classes are capped at 16 people to ensure you receive individual attention. Bookings are optional (but recommended) for regular classes, but are essential for Deep Relax, Yoga for You (yoga with childcare), and all courses. 

For regular classes, book online if you'd like to be sure of a space, otherwise you're welcome to just come along - doors open 15 minutes before class (except 6am classes, which are 5 minutes ahead). Coming early can be a good idea if you don't book.

Purchase your pass and book your place online - use the "Book a Class" button in the top right corner. You can also see via this button the occasional occurrence of a different teacher taking class if your regular teacher is away.

Multiple Class Passes

10 class passes and unlimited passes offer discounted payment rates, to encourage your regular practice (because that's where the power of Yoga lies!). If you are not sure if your schedule or lifestyle allows you to use the 10 classes within the 3 month validity period, or get enough use from an unlimited pass, please choose the casual passes instead. Only serious injury/illness, or compassionate circumstances such as family grieving or similar intensity, are grounds for extension of passes. 

Arrival for Class

Please be considerate of your fellow students, and arrive at least 5 minutes early for each class, so that you can be settled to begin on time. If you haven't been to Santosha before or for a while, please arrive at least 10 minutes early, to have a short chat with your teacher, and settle in.

If the doors are unlocked, you are welcome to come in and enjoy a quiet space to unwind before class. If you arrive super early, please wait quietly on the stairs for doors to open, to avoid disturbing classes in progress.

Please, please ~ turn your phone off, & definitely don't bring it to the mat! :)

Do I need to bring a mat?

Mats and props are provided for use free of charge, of course feel free to bring your own if you prefer. 

Other Questions?

You are always welcome to chat with your teacher or contact Ally with any questions - see the contact section at the bottom of the page for details.


We value keeping our class prices affordable so that Yoga is accessible to everyone. The studio has facilities to receive eftpos & cash. To assist us to keep prices down while maintaining small classes, all eftpos transactions include a $1-$2 surcharge, to help us cover cost of the bank fees (yep, this is what it costs us). Please bring cash if you'd prefer to avoid the fee.

Please don't let financial issues prevent you from coming to class - talk to Ally if you're experiencing difficulty, and we will do our best to figure out a payment plan or energy exchange with you.  Please keep in mind that with small classes and quality teachers, at inner city space realty rates, our capacity for these arrangements is limited. This is offered with an open heart, for those truly in need. Please ask if that's you.

The Space

Santosha has a warm, peaceful feel, and an open-hearted atmosphere that is welcoming to all. The new space is a world of its own :)

We have a shower for your use after class for a gold coin donation that is currently donated to Synapse Brain Injury Support Association. Please bring your own towel, and take it with you when you go.

All yoga props are hand made or purchased with the ecosystem that we are a part of in mind. Bolsters are made by the Santosha family, using organic cotton, filled with recycled plastic water bottles (and are super comfy!). Blankets are recycled wool and other materials; or are pre-loved woolen blankets. Blocks are made of cork, a much more sustainable product than synthetic foam. Belts are made of locally grown & woven cotton. All cleaning products are earth-loving. Santosha supports local business wherever possible, to minimise transport miles and support respectful workplace conditions for manufacturing employees. 

The Teachers

The teachers at Santosha are certified Yoga Australia teachers, which means they have completed at least 350 hours of professional teacher training, & to remain certified are required to keep deepening and expanding their understanding through continual professional development and inner practice. (It still happens in Australia that this ancient, holistic practice is taught by those with as little as 2 weeks training! We feel that sharing this powerful life practice deserves and requires a much deeper commitment and inner exploration than that ~ moment to moment, and year to year!) As well as their extensive professional training, all of our teachers have been practising Yoga both on and off the mat for many years. The formal years of in-depth study undertaken of Yoga asana (postural practice), pranayama (breath exploration), meditation, Yogic philosophy, ethical practices and inner observances serve to deepen the experience of a beautiful, powerful, and of course occasionally challenging, practice. We all live with as much presence, authenticity, courage and compassion as we understand in each moment, and of course this is how we seek to share Yoga with you moment to moment too. With love.

Please have a look at the About page for more information about the teachers.

We look forward to exploring this beautiful journey further with you.

The Santosha Yoga Community

You will find a supportive environment at Santosha Yoga with no element of exclusiveness, competitiveness or expectation, allowing you the space to explore the practice of Yoga in your own way, at your own pace. Students range from teenagers to seniors; classes cater for students within all ranges of suppleness and strength. Just as you would not be expected to be able to play the guitar the first time you try, you do not need to be flexible or strong to begin a yoga practice – developing openness and strength are some of the benefits! Yoga offers broad-reaching benefits for all.

Please feel free to relax in the communal lounge outside for a little while after class - complementary teas and filtered water are provided, and you are welcome to rest quietly or chat with your fellow-students. If there are classes underway in the studio, the community space is a silent space.


It is best not to have eaten a heavy meal within 2 hours prior to class, a light snack 1 hour before is fine. You will enjoy your practice much more and feel much lighter and brighter from the practice afterwards if you follow these guidelines.

Illness and Injuries

In certain individual contexts some poses are contraindicated, so please inform your teacher before class if you are unwell, or if you are menstruating or pregnant. Please also tell each teacher when you come in if you are experiencing any kind of injuries or pain in the body, or have health concerns such as high or low blood pressure, heart issues or other concerns.

This information is kept confidential, and will assist us to guide you in a practice more individually suitable for you. Informing us of any changes in your wellbeing over the months and years will help us to continue to assist you, and to keep the practice relevant and effective for you. Of course there is no obligation for you to do this, but it is a helpful practice to consider. You can talk to us before or after class, or if it's better for you, to Ally by phone or email (check the contact page for details).

We LOVE your dedication to your practice! As we come into Winter, if you happen to get sick & are contagious, please be considerate of your fellow practitioners, & take the opportunity to drink a brew of fresh turmeric, black pepper, fresh ginger & lemon; and/or inhale brewing chai spices (sans the tea), gargling & brushing your tongue & teeth with the brew; - and rest deeply at home instead. 

What to Wear

Comfortable clothing. Stretchy clothes, or looser clothing tucked in, work - you will put your head below the level of your belly at some stage, and you may also take your legs wide apart in some seated poses - please bear these things in mind, so you don't feel uncomfortable :)

Yoga is practised in bare feet. Our mats & props are cleaned regularly.

Please try to avoid moisturisers directly before class, and also avoid make-up and perfumes if you can, as these can affect your fellow students & the props. They will be grateful for your consideration :)

180a Latrobe Terrace, Paddington 4064

Class Descriptions


Beginners classes are for anyone with little or no Yoga experience. The focus is on fundamental physical postures and breath work, explained simply so you can have a bit of inner space to feel them in your own body. Postures explored & the explanations of them move just a little further on than the Introduction to Yoga course. However, these classes are simple and accessible for everyone. If you are brand new to yoga and feeling a little unsure, the Intro to Yoga Course can also be a wonderful place to get your grounding, allowing you to feel more comfortable to move into Beginners classes upon its completion. All classes at Santosha are capped at 17 people to allow for individual attention and care.


Beginners/General classes take things just a little further than Beginners classes, but maintain a focus on foundational instruction. Pranayama (breath exploration) and meditation practices may begin to be slightly longer (we may go from sitting for 2 minutes to 5 minutes), we firm up bodily understanding of foundational postures and begin to sense deeper, also moving into slightly more involved and challenging variations.

You will be offered variations according to what your body is asking at each moment - which can vary class to class, and you only ever need to do what you feel comfortable doing - you always choose your own practice, even in a class setting.

If you are brand new to yoga, the Intro to Yoga Course or the Beginners classes are wonderful places to get your grounding, before starting Beginners/General classes. Everyone is welcome at Beginners/General classes - you'll be safe and supported wherever you are in your practice, you might just feel a little bit of a challenge if it's your first class ever. As always, we encourage you to approach the practice at your own pace, honouring all aspects of yourself as they are in each moment.


These classes are best for those with at least 3 months experience, or a well-developed awareness of central alignment in the basic postures. They move into slightly more complex and challenging postures, as well as longer or more complex pranayama rhythms. They may often be a little more physically challenging, and will support you to begin to observe the subtler levels of your felt experience. Where appropriate, variations of postures will be offered for you to choose from, in accordance with how you feel in body and mind.

Each class includes asana (physical yoga postures), pranayama (breath exploration), meditation and relaxation.

Yogic philosophy is incorporated into classes organically, as an offering, not a decree. Please feel free to explore these philosophies in your practice and life if you feel them relevant to you.

Candlelit Slow Stretch

With the soft light of salt lamps and candles, this class begins with gentle centering and breath work, to warm the body and calm the mind. From there we move into a nourishing practice of long-held, floor-based yin-style & restorative postures, with both gentle and deeper options for you to choose between, depending how you feel. 

A slow, mindful practice appropriate for all levels, encouraging you to melt towards the quiet at your center - maybe uncovering on the way the ease, softness... and joy, already within. Not only does this practice release tension and tightness in the body, it is also a wonderful tonic for the nervous system - a very beneficial practice, along with Restorative on Sunday afternoons, to support physical and mental well-being for all; as well as alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression, and encouraging a calm, vibrant state of being.

Please read the Yin Yoga class description for more understanding about Yin Yoga - it's an incredible practice.

Align & Release

These classes are a space of experiential learning and exploration, where you can work closely with your individual experience of alignment, under the guidance of experienced teachers who have a precise eye for individual attention where it is needed. They aim for you to leave impassioned for your practice, and enlivened and renewed due to the practice itself, and the resultant increased subtlety of your awareness.

They begin with gentle centering and usually breath work (as Wendy puts it, "emptying into the body"), then move into an asana (postural) practice usually with a specific understanding in mind - this can include aspects such as particular movement patterns, releasing a particular part of the body, working towards a particular pose, or exploring a particular energy line. 

In addition, please note that Wendy's Sunday classes move with the moon cycle - coming toward a New Moon will be a Restorative (gentle) class, whereas coming towards a Full Moon will be a stronger practice. 

Candlelit Flow & Restore

A soulful early-morning space, for you to move with your breath in devotion to Life, to enliven the body and spirit for the day; then drop into the sweetness of slower, quieter floor-based postures, to nourish and nurture the mind, nervous system, and the Heart. Beginning the day in balance, to allow you to offer your most grounded, compassionate and vibrant self, in service to this incredible world. In love.

Slow Stretch (Yin Yoga)

A quiet space of sweet, mindful, slow stretch.

This class begins with some gentle centering and breath work, and from there we move into a languid practice of longer-held, floor-based postures - we place the body in each posture to the depth of stretch of your choice, then allow all muscular effort to release, resting in each pose for 2 - 5 minutes. 

On each level of being - physical, mental, emotional and energetic, a balance of both "yang" (effort) style, and "yin" (receptive) style practice serves us deeply. On a physical and energetic level, the yang practice lengthens and strengthens muscles and moves stagnation. Yin practice allows the "yin" connective tissues in the body - tendons, ligaments and fascia (compared to the "yang" muscles), to relax and gently open, preventing us becoming "shrink wrapped" over time in the joints, and allows the energy to settle back into the pace of the natural world and our natural selves - one we generally spend a lot of time pushing past. On the mental and emotional levels, nourishing the need of all lifeforms to spend time in stillness and quietude, is not just deeply nurturing, it allows us to perceive more clearly without getting caught up in as much of the mental hoohah that the mind has us entertain when we're going fast, without making time for slowness, quietness and stillness amongst it. It allows us to begin to remember the simplicity of the Life we are.

In continued service of this balance at Santosha, these classes are Pure Yin Yoga. The Yin practices offered at Santosha urge you to approach your limits with humility, respect and open curiosity, and see what happens as you move very gently towards them. This slower, stiller practice is the perfect opportunity to begin to explore the relationship between the body, mind and spirit - and we explore elements of mindfulness throughout these classes. Mindfulness gives an awareness that travels with you in all you do.

Yin is a well-renowned practice devised by Paul Grilley, that draws from the wisdom in both Taoist and Yogic approaches - it especially supports the practice of seated meditation that requires the joints to be supple, and serves all of us at all stages in life.

If you would like to read a thorough article about Yin, please see this great exploration written by Paul Grilley himself for Yoga Journal:


Gentle Yoga

Gentle classes are delivered at a slightly slower pace with Nicole, a qualified Yoga Therapist, to relax and restore the body, and calm the mind. With Nic's guidance in consideration of your specific circumstances, you will explore postures (asana), a variety of breathing practices (pranayama) and deep relaxation. A supported space is offerred for you to find more flexibility and ease in the body and mind, and begin to gently build strength from the centre.

This is a wonderful class for over 50s and also for those returning to Yoga after injury.

Yoga for You (Yoga + childcare in the garden)

- so you can Yoga on :) Oh Yes. Drink it in :)

A sweet, sacred hour of You time, to melt into blessed communion with your body, breath and Heart. All the while knowing your little one is absorbed in nature craft, or playing with the others, in the loving care of two to three members of the Santosha community (all with certified bluecard child safety checks). This is a time for you to drink in the sweet nectar of being alone - oh the bliss! - while sharing the experience with other parents enjoying the same thing. And hey, you can even sneak a peek through the glass doors to your li'lun having a ball in the garden, if you can't help but not :)

Children are welcomed between the ages of five months and five years (inclusive). We provide rugs, crafty things & toys, but we encourage you to take a nature forage wander with your child each week, & bring along things fallen in nature for nature-based craft they can take home; and/or their favourite play thing of the week for them to enjoy with the other kids while you Yoga. 

Passes include your attendance in all classes of the 7 week block (24 Oct - 5 Dec 2017), or the 10 week block (23 Jan - 27 Mar 2018), and care for one child for each of the classes in the block booked. 

Depending on class numbers, it may be possible to arrange care for extra children, at a rate of $10 per extra child per class. Please email ally@santoshayoga.com.au to enquire.

To allow us to organise for there to be a minimum of two carers present for the kids at all times, and at least one carer per six children for each session, this class is offered in blocks of 10 weeks. However, due to time of year, this first October-December block is a shorter block of 7 weeks. 

No partial attendance is possible, however if you can't make one or more classes during the block, you're welcome to make missed classes up in any of our casual classes on the timetable, any time within 12 months of the date of pass purchase. 

In the event of rain, children will be cared for in quiet activities in Chapter IV cafe upstairs. We ask that you send your child's favourite quiet time activities with them if the skies look ominous, to assist us in being as unintrusive as possible for the generous Chapter IV staff and their customers. If you'd like to enjoy one of their fabulous beverages after class too, even better!


Please feel free to call Ally on 0416 564 808 for a chat, or email ally@santoshayoga.com.au. 

To Book: 

Click here to book for the 7 week block starting 24 October 2017. 16 places only.

Bookings for the 10 week block starting in January 2018 will open 24 October 2017 via the Book a Class Button on the website.

Over 50s Yoga

A class designed specifically to support your ongoing vitality and joy for life as you move past 50. This class will help you to feel stronger, more flexible in the joints and muscles (read comfortable!), and more energetic.

Yoga improves the function of circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems; assists memory and brain function; and reduces stress, improving sleep.

Caroline is an experienced, passionate teacher, who has taught many changing bodies and minds over the years, and supports each individual in a class fully. Please let her know of any injuries or physical difficulties you are currently experiencing when you arrive for class.

Qi Gong in the Garden

Barefoot in a circle - feet to earth. 

Softly glowing Sunday mornings in Spring :)

Join Callum for the gentle subtleties of this beautiful complimentary practice in the Santosha garden.

Qi Gong is all about softness and awareness. ‘Less is more’ has never been more applicable. Mixed in with the more traditional Qi Gong forms, is plenty of sitting, standing and moving meditation; body awareness and alignment; partner exercises; gentle flexibility and strength movements; and, of course, a healthy dose of fun.

Qi Gong is perfect for people of all physical capabilities, and is a wonderful complementary practice for injury and illness recovery.

Everyone is welcome.

Community Yoga - all welcome!

The community class is a Beginners/General level class. It is usually taken by a recent Teacher Training graduate, but Vivien has now been teaching for well over a year and gives a beautiful class.  So these days, it's Community Yoga Deluxe!

We offer the class for a $5 donation which all goes directly to the teacher, as a way of saying thankyou for your support, and to ensure that Yoga is accessible to everyone in the community. Everyone's welcome.  A lovely shared space on a Friday afternoon :)

Introduction to Yoga Course

Introduction to Yoga - a 6 week course.

Designed for those with little or no Yoga experience, foundational postures and breath work are explored with simple explanations, to allow you to access the pose, & enjoy it! This will provide you a sense of understanding and greater ease as you join in casual classes when the course is finished.

Class numbers are capped to 12 students, to allow the space for you to feel how these postures can be experienced in your individual body, and to ask any questions that might arise.

How to Book:

Please click on the "Book a Class" button above. Alternatively, you can book at the studio if you prefer.

Please note, only the specific Intro to Yoga course passes are valid for course attendance.

Please book early if you'd like to come, to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Introduction to Meditation Course

Introduction to Meditation - a 6 week course.

A 6 week course to introduce you to the practice of Meditation. We explore simple yet profound approaches to the practice - so that you can do a small amount each day, feel for yourself the noticeable shifts in your personal perceptions and experiences as you go about life - and fall in love with meditation.

Each teacher offers something a little different in these courses, drawing from their own journeys with the practice over the years, and their particular trainings. In all courses, you will explore fundamentals, such as finding a comfortable seat. 

With Juliette (Sep-Oct course), you will explore:

* Anapana (breath awareness) 
* Tibetan Ten Element moving meditation
* The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, &
* Metta (loving-kindness compassion meditation). 

Juliette is an experienced, joyful, passionate teacher, known for doing things her own way - she wants to let you know that: "Even the most rebellious mind can be guided to fall in love with meditation. There is a doorway for EVERYONE, and I'm going to help you find that doorway!!" 

With Susie (Oct-Nov course), you will be explore:

  • Mindfulness Meditation (of the Buddhist tradition) 
  • Chakra Meditation (Yogic tradition)
  • Yoga Nidra (Conscious Sleep - Yogic tradition)
  • Chanting Meditation (Yogic tradition)
  • Metta Meditation (Loving Kindness - Buddhist tradition) 
  • And of course, Chocolate Meditation. :)

- as well as looking at aspects such as sankalpa (intention), and practicing dedications.

Susie will explain briefly some of the basic scientific explanations of why meditation has the effects it does - the how and why it works in the brain - it's a bit incredible!

Susie is a qualified, experienced and passionate meditation teacher, and is really looking forward to introducing this life-changing practice with you.

You may benefit from experiencing each of these approaches - it can be very helpful to experience varying takes on practices as personal as meditation.

However, all offerings are pointing to a similar place. Contentment (Santosha), compassion, joy, wisdom and unconditional love, are all already within us. And we don't need to be void of thought or imperfection to experience them - those things are part of our incredible shared humanity! We can however, let our attention pass over and beyond the inner stories that cause us suffering by keeping us feeling separate from that peace which dwells within. We can notice that it is All already right here - as we are.

How to Book:

Please book your place here - please book early, as these courses often book out.

You can email ally@santoshayoga.com.au or call 0416 564 808 if you have any questions. 

Course cost is $110 for the 6 weekly classes.

Please note, regular class passes are not valid for course attendance.

If you'd prefer not to book online, you can pay cash or eftpos at the studio ahead of time & ask the teacher there to book you in to the course.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Deep Relax

Deep Relax is a nurturing, nourishing, blend of mostly Restorative Yoga, with a smattering of Yin Yoga, & finishing with a dessert of Yoga Nidra (conscious guided rest).

This is a special 2 hour session, that moves away from "doing" & towards conscious, blissful "undoing". Utilising floor-based, very gentle supported postures that are rested in for 5 to 15 minutes each, these practices deeply calm and restore the nervous system.

Restorative Yoga is a balm for the body, mind and spirit. Postures are designed to support the body-mind to let go on subtler levels than just the big muscles. This of course allows the mind to relax into stillness. The practice can bring about quiet presence, balance and healing, and is especially beneficial for those experiencing tension, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, neck and back pain, as well as those wanting to practice meditation but not comfortable to sit for long periods due to physical limitations or a resistance of the busy mind.

We offer this 2 hour class for a low fee - $25 ($18 concession) session. Please note, specific Deep Relax class passes are required for online booking & attendance. Please be sure to book, as spaces are limited to 12 people. 

You will be supported to find space to connect deeply with yourself, allowing you over time to move with more fluidity, clarity, energy and ease in your daily life.

Yoga Nidra:

Half an hour of yoga nidra is said to nourish the body, brain and mind the equivalent of 4 hours sleep. "In Meditation, you are in the Waking state of consciousness, and gently focus the mind, while allowing thought patterns, emotions, sensations, and images to arise and go on. However, in Yoga Nidra, you go from the Waking state, to the Dreaming state, and go to Deep Sleep, yet remain awake." (Swami Satyananda)

The attention is guided gently through different aspects of experience and awareness. Yoga Nidra feels very simple and nourishing to practise. It is profoundly relaxing, and also releases the body-mind of deeply ingrained patterns of thought and belief.

A vital part of Yoga Nidra is setting a Sankalpa, a resolve, planted into the fertile ground of the subconscious. This is whatever the deepest yearning in your heart is, and is usually made about our inner life, which will then manifest in the tangible world in ways that are beneficial to the greater good. You might like to have a feel as to what this might be for you, before you come :)

Everyone is welcome to Deep Relax – those of all ages, physical condition and those with injuries. BKS Iyengar, one of the foremost yogis of our time, prescribed restorative practices for those experiencing a variety of physical and mental conditions. These include back pain, migraines and headaches, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, heart disease and cancer. Restorative Yoga allows for healing from the inside out.

These classes are offered to allow the space for less doing and more being - as a result there is a beautiful letting go, sometimes subtle, sometimes powerful, but always a letting go. Wind down, sink deep, begin to ground the mind and open the heart, by feeling deeply into the body and allowing it to release. Tension is released and a profound sense of space and openness can be found in the body-mind, as it is given the space to settle down and relax into a quieter, more receptive space of being. A wonderful class for busy people! Just when you think you don't have time for yoga ~ is when you really need to do Restorative & Yin :) Beginners are more than welcome at this class.

We look forward to sharing these nurturing, and often surprisingly powerful, practices with you.