All the teachers at Santosha are registered with Yoga Australia, which means they have undertaken at least 350 hours of in-depth study, as well of long-term practice, of Yoga asana (postural practice), pranayama (breath exploration), meditation, Yogic philosophy, ethical practices and inner observances. They all have a committed practice both on and off the mat, and live with as much presence, authenticity, courage and compassion as they understand in each moment

We look forward to exploring this beautiful journey further with you.


Caroline Brown


Yoga explores beyond boundaries, beyond the mind….into your ethos. It is here that I am enchanted by the idea of providing a space into which you can delve, to discover and shift your paradigms through asana and pranayama. 

My inspiration is working with people transitioning through middle life and beyond to find new meaning and push edges to discover real power.

Whilst trained in the Iyengar tradition, a myriad of life’s gossamer magic is woven into my teaching and each class is created especially for those that arrive.

(Ed. People adore Caroline’s classes for a reason - she is a warm, engaging & inspiring teacher, who brings a wealth of experience and great passion to her classes.)

Diane Cousineau


My yoga journey began with a VHS tape in a basement ten years ago, to address injuries that weren’t responding to physical therapies. I was fortunate to make a home at Ashtanga Yoga Montreal, a community of Ashtanga and Iyengar trained yoga teachers, also with extensive knowledge of dance, bodywork, and meditation.

Since moving to Australia, I have been studying with Nicky Knoff and James Bryan, former students of B.K.S Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois, who have designed an innovative system blending the intelligent alignment of Iyengar yoga with the energetic principles of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. 

Whilst working to understand my chronic back pain and the imbalances that contributed to my pathology, I discovered Stretch Therapy - a system that provides unique techniques for assessing and addressing tension lines in the body that I had avoided, despite years of yoga practice. I now teach Knoff Yoga and Stretch Therapy, and love creating a playful space to learn and explore; helping people to connect with themselves, and to cultivate healthier relationships with their bodies.  

Welcome to the family Di!  Di's another amazing teacher - we're super excited to have her join the Santosha community :)

Jaimee Shillitoe


Everyone has something that helps them to find their way back to the truth about themselves – for me this is yoga.

Having first stumbled upon yoga through a friend who took me along to a class with Kate Pell, it slowly became a place that I could begin to release the tension and stress of everyday life. Yoga supports me through illness, injury, through overwhelming emotional times, and continues to teach me the truth of my body and mind.

I have been lucky enough to complete by teacher training with Kate Pell and Dan Alder from the Yoga Den, and then study with brilliant teachers, both here in Brisbane and overseas. I am constantly reminded that Yoga is both a personal and challenging practice that is never ending, and unique to every single person.

I am mostly influenced by the teachings of BKS Iyengar, and am currently immersed in more long-term teacher training, this time in the Iyengar method. I am passionate about Yoga being a supportive and mindful method for athletes, and an essential ingredient in surviving the pressures of modern life. It is a space for me to observe and take the time to listen and heal my body, and observe my thoughts. It also teaches me that staying connected to my inner child is a key to not taking life too seriously.

My classes vary in style dependent upon what my students need, but you can always count on a practice with me that is curious, grounding, fun, honest and suitable for any level.

Jaimee xx

Jen Mason


Yoga for me is an ever-changing journey, evolving as I grow and develop, both in my practice and through life. Since attending my first class as a teenager, my journey with Yoga has developed from a structured and very physically-centered practice, to being guided by how I am feeling physically, emotionally and mentally (and allowing myself to be okay with whatever that may be!)

I had a calling to explore Yoga deeper, so in 2015 I commenced teacher training with the incredible Kate Pell and Dan Alder. This amazing year was an enquiry not only into Yoga, but also myself, discovering that Yoga is not just confined to the mat, but filters out into the world, and my interactions with it. Shortly after completing the course, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach the community class at Santosha for most of 2016. Through this, I found joy in helping others discover, rediscover, and make their own enquiries into what Yoga means to them, no matter where they are in their journey.

True to my belief that Yoga is a constantly evolving journey, I welcomed my first child into the world in late 2016, and this has had a gentle and beautiful influence on my practice, taking each moment as it comes. I like to reflect this in class, respecting that each day and each moment is different from the previous, and I encourage others to listen to their minds and bodies, exploring the truth within their practice in that specific moment in time. 

Juliette McConachy 


10 or so years ago, I met this thing called Yoga. In one sense, it was this sacred, mysterious and magical experience that lit me up in deep devotional ways, giving me at last a chance to acknowledge and bask in this feeling I’d always had, that there was a special little light inside me that wanted to occupy more space. And in another sense yoga wasn’t magical at all, it was just simple, ordinary and everyday, just like brushing your teeth.

I was an independent, courageous and outspoken young woman when I met yoga. But I carried a lot of worry, anxiety, fear of not fitting in, or worse being rejected. I hardly felt good enough and it felt dangerous and uncool to feel too good, I felt like when I was “myself” I was too much, my body wasn’t something I had much love for, and fitness/exercise was never my bag. (You know, the rather common teenage collection of aches!) So it felt to me like quite the unexpected bonus that I was to get this exercise box ticked by something I had begun purely because some deep sweetness had taken me there. I recall, as the asthmatic non-sporty lass I felt myself to be, being pleasantly surprised that this place of prayer was also a chance to do this physical thing that could sculpt my body into what I thought would make me feel better. I had an inkling of its power to transform, but in reality, no actual clue as to how much yoga was about to blow my body conscious ideas and the rest out the window, and sculpt instead my entire interaction with, and experience of, my self all of life. Yoga became a falling in love thing that continued to give give give me so much.

Nowadays I don’t fear this ‘Fitness‘ thing. For me it is a doorway to the ‘ordinary divine’ AND the ‘ordinary divine’ is a door way to fitness.

Over the past 5 years I have been training and teaching consistently in various styles of yoga practice, refining my own delivery of this epic doctrine of experience. My classes are the distillation of these various learnings and explorations of my current curiosities. I’m not interested in doing poses for the sake of making cool shapes unless it’s for fun rather than glory. And I’m definitely not interested in any ‘no pain no gain’ mentality. It is my intention to create a safe, nurturing space for myself and all beings to flourish in, for this the practice needs to be tender, honest, playful and sincere.

I teach because it keeps me present, curious, inspired and humbled. I love to be with people in this meaningful way that breaks down the barriers of judgement, and puts us in honest communication with ourselves and each other. I thrive on this type of interaction, where we come together and the nervous system is relaxed, the body is open, love flows effortlessly through our veins, no one is better, higher, wiser, more or less worthy - where we can all look each other in the eye and feel ok. and feel safe. and feel at home.

I’m so grateful to have joined the family of radical wonderful teachers at Santosha and I look forward to exploring this beautiful, messy, unpredictable, constantly contradicting, and somehow relentlessly loving, life with you.

With great love, and deep exhales.


Kim Shillitoe


I was first drawn to yoga in my late teens, intrigued and unaware of how just how important the practice would become for me. A decade later, my yoga practice had deepened, become a daily ritual and seeped off my mat and into my life. A safe haven in times of challenge, turmoil, transformation and growth; yoga for me is also a source of great joy, playfulness, love and ease. As my practice has grown, I have found greater connection with my breath and my body, and realized the power in surrendering, in letting go and finding the strength within softness.

Stepping onto the mat allows me to find space in both my body and mind, whilst cultivating awareness, and allows me to slow down and be present, completely in the moment, connected and whole.

Discovering the delights and support that yoga offers physically, mentally and spiritually is an absolute blessing, and my desire to share these experiences with others led me to complete my Yoga Teacher Training with my teacher Martin Collyer. Specialising in alignment-based vinyasa, I love to move with the breath, to test the edges of expansion whilst honouring the softer, introspective contractions. I believe yoga is for everyone, no matter what your story, your experience, your physical capabilities or emotional state. I aim to support students to feel empowered by reconnecting with their bodies and breath, to feel what it is they need to feel at any moment, and know that they are supported and safe to do so. I hope to see you in class soon xx

Nicole Owens


Nicole's interest is in using Yoga as a Therapy, to help people unravel limiting patterns of movement that may cause pain and tension. Having experienced chronic back pain herself and with other injuries over the years, she understands the impact this can have on a person’s life. Nicole’s goal is to help people out of pain and tension, and allow them to lead the life they dream of. 

Nicole has been practicing yoga for 19 years and teaching for five years. Before teaching yoga, she completed a Bachelors Degree in Commerce in Canada. In 2010, she completed her Yoga Teacher Training Certification and Yoga Nidra training in Canada. She has also completed Level 2 Teacher Training with Yoga Physio in Brisbane, and Yoga Therapy Training with GCYT.

Nic has a wonderful capacity for individual attention, creative classes and an authentic way. She guides Gentle Yoga on Fridays at 9.30am.    

Susie Garden


Yoga came into my life around 20 years ago, just when I needed it. What I love about Yoga is the stillness and space it can create in the mind.  I am passionate about the powerful connection between the Mind and the Body, and how this influences physical and mental health. 

This passion has led me to constantly expand my expertise in many forms of meditation, including Zen, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and Integrative Restoration (iRestÒ). 

I love helping my students find the stillness in themselves, that quiet energy that centres and grounds the body and mind.  My classes have a focus on cultivating the mind-body connection through movement, breath and keeping the mind firmly centred within.

As well as teaching Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, I find I’m especially drawn to Yin and Restorative Yoga practices, and I use the space in these practices to bring meditation into the asana.  

I am grateful to have had the guidance of many renowned teachers including Joe Barnett, Shiva Rea, Swami Mukti and Jo Phee, and I continue to learn every day from both my teachers and my students.

Viv Vago


My love for yoga asana, the physical postures of yoga, comes from my passion for movement. Yoga asana gets me out of my head and into my body - an amazing gift in the sometimes overwhelming world that we live in. 

In my classes, I love to inspire people to tune into their own bodies, to guide them to learn to listen and experience the freedom that comes from moving. I have a tremendous amount of passion for dance, which I have been doing since I was little. Dancing has given me an awareness of, and connection to, my own body and the human body in general - it is this nourishing connection that I hope to ignite in others. I believe life is movement, continuously moving in all ways, within us and outside us - and our bodies were designed to be moved! I continue to be amazed by how the smallest movement and awareness of the body can impact physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

As a result, I love to incorporate mindfulness and body-awareness into my classes as much as possible, encouraging people to listen, to observe how the postures feel for them - there is no right or wrong! 

I trained as a teacher at the Australian School of Meditation and Yoga, learning a very safe and beginners-friendly practice, learning that yoga is indeed for everyone of all abilities. 

I am currently studying Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland, where I am deepening my understanding of the human body. I am working towards offering yoga/dance and movement therapy as my key modality, helping people individually, to heal through the dancing interplay of awareness and their bodies. 

I hope to see you in class - a space for you to explore and dwell in, often with a focus on relaxation and restoration. :)

Wendy Reid 


Wendy's classes include yoga asanas (postures), meditation and pranayama (breathing). Wendy helps students explore their bodies to find, release, stretch, stabilize and strengthen muscles, joints and emotions. All classes are designed to help each student discover their own alignment with body, mind and soul. They cater to all levels from beginners to experienced practitioners. 

Wendy's yoga teaching, and her life-long interest in fitness, diet and general wellbeing, has merged with her professional studies of Psychology and Non-Violent Communication. Her classes combine all of these influences resulting in a learning space that is focused, empathetic, accepting and above all – fun!! 

Wendy's journey with yoga started in the late '70s, when she began to practice at home using Swami Sarasvati books as guidance. In 2009 Wendy found the perfect teacher Helen King at Mount Nebo, and has practised regularly with Helen since. In October 2012 Wendy's heart led her to a commitment to become a yoga teacher herself, and she completed Level 1 yoga teacher training under the wonderful guidance of Kate Pell and Dan Alder. She also studied near Rome with the inspiring Diane Long, who studied under Vanda Scaravelli, a student of BKS Iyengar; and with Donna Farhi, world-renowned yoga teacher based in New Zealand. 

Wendy lives in the sub-tropical location of Mt Glorious near Brisbane with her cat and three chickens.

Zen Spokes


Zen offers gentle, slow, mindful practice. His philosophy is "mind over matter"  ~  "change your thoughts, change your life".

Due to his RA (rheumatoid arthritis) he incorporates gentle movement, held positions and relaxation, with Awareness and presence of thought.

His intention is to guide you to greater understanding of who and what you are...... Pure Awareness!

You can find Zen on Tuesday afternoons at 4.45pm from 18 July onwards for Yin (slow stretch; and for Deep Relax on the 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays of the month (bookings for Deep Relax are essential). He's a lovely soul who gives a nourishing class - enjoy :)

Qi Gong:

Callum Bell


Callum is a Qi Gong teacher and Holistic Personal Growth Coach. He has studied a wide range of healing and personal development modalities including Hypnosis and regression therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programing and Time-Line Therapy and Qi Gong, he is also a Reiki master. He has spent the last two and a half years living and studying with an accomplished elder and Tibetan Buddhist Lama of the Karma Kagyu lineage. 

Of all the modalities I have studied, Qi Gong has been for me, the most rewarding. A philosophy and art form that speaks to every part of the human experience, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Through the practice and teaching of Qi Gong I have been able to create an environment that is fun and conducive to growth and healing

Studio Founder/Manager:

Ally Goodwin


Ally founded Santosha with a great love for humanity and the Earth. 

Yoga, including meditation, both on and off the mat - What a GIFT!!! This journey lands me deeper, and more fully, into each incredible moment. It continues to offer me gifts that bring Life astoundingly alive as it dances through my experience and all beings. I seek to facilitate a space where you can also remember your own wordless truth of connection - this full, open, gentle, joyful experience of yourself and other, as simple, astounding, incredible Life. 

Yoga teaches me to have the courage to be gleefully open - to wholeheartedly experience the beauty of both my pain and joy, and as a result, to be with others fully in theirs - the greatest gift we can offer each other. It teaches me to live from the guidance of Heart, with the support of the intellect; and to rest in gentle equanimity, even amongst the fantastically crazy. I hope that through your practice, you will find your own experiences of the wordless Truth that abides within and beneath the clackering mind, and that that experience deeply nourishes your entire Being, allowing you to meet yourself and the world around you with great compassion, and the deep strength of human vulnerability and gentleness.

I offer you my understanding as it shifts and unfolds, my presence - authentic and fallible, and an open heart in sharing this beautiful practice with you. Like us all, I have lived through some kick-arse challenges, and I find that a regular yoga practice strips away all the dull stuff that dims the innate lightness and joyful delight in life in all its varying flavours and colours - even as it hits these patches of really damn difficult. It allows an ongoing relinquishment of attachment to layers of physical, mental and emotional holding - each of these aspects feeding through to, and affecting, the others. We can settle into an ever-deepening authenticity with ourselves and the world around us - as we are, and as it is. This easeful and joyful connection unfolding through yoga is a gift that I continue to learn within, and deeply enjoy sharing with you.

My practice and classes are influenced by the Hatha, Iyengar, Trauma-informed, Accessible yoga, Ashtanga/Vinyasa, and lately Viniyoga traditions of yoga; Yogic, Non-Dualist, Buddhist & Taoist approaches to meditation and life (same thing...); as well as a long-enjoyed love affair with practising & teaching Restorative yoga, & more recently Yin & Yoga Therapy perspectives. My personal focus is simple, wordless union with Life itself. I feel that everyone's journey is unique, and should be celebrated as such! I share yoga by openly listening to each of the bodies, minds and hearts in the room, & responding from the deepest guidance of Heart. In this way, every individual's experience is naturally and wholly supported to the best capacity in a shared space. Adjustments & assistance are offered throughout the class, while also respecting your individual inward journey. 

A spinal cord injury in 2009 changed my relationship with my practice & Life for the much-better! With the strong, humble guidance of my teacher Dan Alder and my body and heart, I began to slowly let go of achieving, and began to relax into feeling, understanding ~ being. My curiosity for deeper understanding led me to jump gleefully into a year-long teacher training with Dan and the renowned Kate Pell, where I was again pointed inward. I am boundlessly grateful, and my exploration into Life continues in joy.

Since my initial teacher training, I have also been blessed to have had the opportunity to study with world-renowned teachers such as Donna Farhi, Joe Barnett, Elena Brower, Simon Marrocco, Sal Flynn, Jamie Denham and Simon Borge-Olivier, each of whom have inspired further subtler depths of understanding and openness in my practice and my life - as have my students (immensely!), my family, friends, and the natural world around me. 

My special interest and continued study is into the intersection between Yoga, meditation, neuroscience, and psychology - and the expanded potential of healing beyond current allopathic understandings of possibilities. I derive a great deal of joy from my work in hospitals with people experiencing the effects of recent Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). My curious explorations into the potential of Yoga for contributing to the healing of both TBI, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) & other neurological conditions, continue - in addition to my personal experience and teaching experience, my current formal study is in adapted Yoga for people with neurological deficit.

I am also certified as a Yin Yoga teacher, and often incorporate gentle, supported elements of Yin into classes; and also as a Children's and Teens Yoga teacher. I have been offering regular Restorative Yoga classes since 2013, after the profoundly nourishing, healing effects of this practice settled into my being (and continue to change my days - especially in times of physical, mental and emotional challenge). 

l hold a Bachelor of Social Science (Community Development), and believe passionately in the capacity of individual inner awareness, and outward conscious, compassionate action, to positively affect the world.

It seems to me that Life is Big, and Beautiful. Yoga is a different thing to every person. To me it offers many incredible healing opportunities, and beyond that even, in the end, it is the profoundly simple practice of dropping into an ever-deepening presence, with Life, and as Life, that is the very ground of existence. It is learning to drop the fight, the craving, the becoming something other than what we are - and with a sense of wonder and honour, allowing Life - ourselves, each other, the natural world - to Be - flowing, falling and flying, exactly as it perfectly is. 

As the body and mind open to this quiet freedom of Heart, an inner calm and freeing joy quietly, naturally, arise. ... And that's pretty special.

Having said that, I'm definitely not enlightened, and look through fog on a regular basis! But hey, the fog has its own beauty ;)

"I'm happier in life when I practise, so I love sharing it."

I'm hugely grateful that Santosha serves as a space of inner (& outer) connection and nourishment for all who share it; to the other amazing teachers sharing the space and filling it with Love; and especially for the Heart - the wisdom - of the people who come and practise together - Santosha is an incredible community! Thankyou for the opportunity to share part of this beautiful journey together with all of you. With love, Ally.

Occasional Guest Teacher:

Edwina Kempe


Edwina (fondly known as Eddie) is a yoga teacher and social worker. She took her first yoga class at the age of 15. Yoga has given her a sense of calm and of being at home. Edwina completed her initial 350 hour Level 1 teacher training with the renowned Kate Pell and Dan Alder and a subsequent 300 hour certification in Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga through the Trauma Center, at Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, Massachusetts.  Edwina feels incredibly privileged to be sharing yoga with others, hoping to facilitate a safe space in which people can experience their bodies and the breath as a pathway to healing, as a pathway to be.  Her classes can help to develop strength and flexibility in the body and mind, encouraging the use of breath in guiding us back to the present moment.  

Edwina’s sense of social justice, kindness, and compassion for ourselves, each other, and the planet permeates her teaching and is informed by her work in the community sector.  Edwina has been working in the community sector for over 6 years with vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals and communities.  She has a Masters in Social Work Studies and a Bachelor of Arts (Peace and Conflict Studies). For more information see /

Eddie has just given birth to her first child, so isn't taking group classes at the moment. She's still available for one-on-one Trauma Sensitive Yoga enquiries though - you can contact her by emailing