Welcome to Santosha Yoga Space

New address:  

180a Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane. 4064  (Down the stairs)


Starting with Intro to Meditation course Saturday 8th July! 

Check the Workshops & Courses page for more.

We have created a beautiful new garden haven space, just up the hill from where we were. Welcome to the online aspect of this special space.

Santosha means contentment in Sanskrit, the language Yoga was written down in. It is one of the first elements of the path of Yoga - the ongoing choice to rest in the simple, full contentment of Heart that we already are - even including the arising and passing plays of the mind. We celebrate the sweet imperfection and messiness of this incredible existence. There is truly no need to be anything at all to explore Yoga - to begin, and to continue, to unfold into our humble, boundless, wordless simplicity of Being. Welcome Home :) Again and again and again. With love, all of us.

- Please check out the June timetable on the Classes page - there have been some changes - including the choice now between 2 classes each afternoon/evening Mon -Wed :)

May all your moments be filled with the sweetness of Santosha (contentment) of Heart.


* Saturdays 8 July - 12 August:  2pm - 3pm.

6 weekly classes with Susie - 16 spaces only

~ Please Book your place here

Upcoming INTRO TO YOGA Course:

* Sundays 16 July - 20 August:  10am - 11.15am.

6 weekly classes with Wendy - 12 spaces only

~ Please Book your place here

Upcoming DEEP RELAX 2 hour session

* Now every Sunday, with Zen/Ally

(12 spaces only)

~ Please Book your place here

The complete timetable is on the Classes page, and teacher information is on the About page.

More workshops on the Workshops page.

Santosha Yoga is a Heart-nourishing, deeply tranquil space in the middle of Paddington, created and filled with love, for you to explore the practice of Yoga and all that it has to offer.

Wander down the stairs at 180a Latrobe Terrace, Paddington, and you will find a true yoga haven. A warm, nurturing space filled with the golden light of Himalayan salt lamps, abundant plant life and open hearts. A welcoming outdoor lounge room at the rear is available for cups of tea before or after class. A community of grounded, passionate teachers provide individual attention, while respecting your inner wisdom, and your space to relax into the quiet at the centre of yourself.

Santosha classes are classical Hatha Yoga, offered with huge joy and deep passion for this Life-loving practice. Classes include asana (physical postures), rejuvenating, mind-quietening pranayama (breath exploration) and meditation. The physical part of class begins gently, moving into a stronger but accessible-for-all practice, then return to a gentle state, this time more open and renewed. You are always your own best teacher, and you are offered choices within the practice as to what feels right for you each day. 

Deep Relax, Yin, and Restorative classes are physically quiet, meditative practices, with most of the poses practised lying down. They are gentle, longer-held poses, often supported by props, that allow the nervous system to deeply quieten and relax. These classes are wonderful for stress, anxiety, those who are injured, and can be very helpful for those experiencing chronic pain or difficulty sleeping.

All teachers at Santosha draw on a wide depth of training, and offer the practice with a passion and skill borne of many years of experience. But they all offer a grounded, easy authenticity, and a big wide-open heart. Our focus is on providing you a deeply nourishing experience, while guiding you as your own teacher, home to your full self. 

While you will find a solid consistency across all classes, each teacher offers a slightly different approach - a variety that we nurture and celebrate! All classes are well-rounded practices, engaging safe and powerfully effective alignment, as well as mindful awareness, to allow you to return to the vast space underneath the busyness of thought. Classes always finish with quietening, floor-based postures to deepen physical and mental release, and a luscious Savasana (resting relaxation) to allow the being to integrate, and for you to leave feeling incredible.

Yoga is not just about what we do on the mat. These practices are part of a much broader approach to life, which we offer organically through classes. That being said, through the practice of postures and breath work, a physical strength and freedom is developed, and a mental resilience and flexibility arises. The practice powerfully affects the nervous system, and together these directly and powerfully affect our lived-experience on a day to day level.

Classes are kept small (18 people max, 12 for Deep Relax and most courses), so please book here to ensure your space. 

Bookings are essential for:

  • Deep Relax sessions (2 hours each Sunday afternoon)
  • Workshops
  • Courses

Casual class bookings are advised, but not required.

And, yes the new studio space and garden is available for hire, outside of class times. We'd love to share it with you :) 

Please send enquiries to Ally: ally@santoshayoga.com.au or 0416 564 808.

Santosha (pronounced "San-toe-sha"), is one of yoga’s central inner observances/practices - it means contentment. It's about resting in the quiet contentment of what is, even when it feels like we're overflowing with intense emotions and sensations, or the mental traffic jams of analysis and judgement. A quiet commitment to repeatedly letting go of what the mind wants to convince us should be, both externally & internally. Relaxing; opening to the unforeseen, inexplicable & boundless possibilities of the heart, to find easeful contentment, even during difficult emotions and circumstances.

Namaste -

"I honour the place in You in which the entire universe dwells.

I honour the place in You which is of love, of truth, of light, and of peace. 

When you are in that place in You, and I am in that place in Me, we are One."

With love,

Ally, Atma, Ellen, Jaimee, Juliette, Kim, Nicole, Viv, Wendy & Zen.